In my workshop I offer you repairs and advice on your string instruments. It doesn't matter whether it's a custom shop model costing several thousand euros or a beginner's guitar, every instrument receives my full attention and is treated equally.


As already described on the homepage, I have committed myself to the “extremes”. The more strings, the lower the tuning and the longer the scale length, the more questions arise for many people. This is exactly where I feel at home and offer you a comprehensive service.

Of course, I offer you the same comprehensive service for any other problem.

String changes, adjustment service, fret dressing and much more are all taken care of promptly.

If you are in a hurry, I can also offer you processing on the same day for a small surcharge (however, you should ask beforehand whether it will still work in time, as I cannot always promise you this service 100%).


You also have the option of sending your instrument to me by post and instructing me to repair, modify, etc.

Please contact me in advance to clarify everything necessary.

Here you will find my current prices for repairs, service and modifications.



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